Wine Language : What is Tannin?


Have you ever wondered why certain red wines have a drying sensation that puckers the sides of your mouth?

That sensation is caused by tannins. Find out exactly what they are and how to tame them in my most recent video!



  1. Faylinn

    Whenever I drink wine or juice, I always get the same drying sensation on the side of my mouth. However, I never knew that that was called tannins or that it could be tamed. Thank you for providing this video as I think that it will make my drinking experiences a lot more refreshing so that I don’t have to feel that dryness. Yet, do you think that this same trick will work with juice too?

  2. Red Wine

    For me, I prefer red wine when its very lightweight in mouth, with little fruity aroma. Specially with a good meals during winter season. That’s the way I drink wine, I hate tannin.

  3. thewineitems

    My uncle as this tannins thanks for sharing the tips let me show this video to my uncle :v

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