Cinco de Mayo | Drinking Tequila!

It’s Cinco de Mayo, do you know what you’re drinking? Most people choose margaritas and tequila as their go-to drink for this festive holiday, but do you know how that magical elixir actually got into that bottle? Watch as I explain the nuances of tequila and which ones you’ll want to drink straight (from the bottle??) or mix into your favorite festive cocktail.


Happy Cinco de Mayo!



Weekly Wine Picks | Rosé, Riesling, Red Wine


This week, the second episode of season 10, we had amazing guests along with incredible restaurants, and of course we had incredible wine. Check out my tasting notes from this week’s episode!

2013 Maximin Grünhauser Herrenberg “Kabinett” Riesling, Mosel, Germany ($30)
One of my favorite wine types is Riesling because it’s so flexible, pairing with a variety of dishes. Sip as a light-hearted aperitif, match with a hearty brunch, drink with spicy take-out dinner, or just take a glass with you to enjoy with a bubble bath. Dr. Carl von Schubert crafts this classic at the historic winery in Germany’s Mosel region. The area’s steep hillsides and slate-laden soils create wines with aromatic, floral notes and a core of racy minerality. A delicious, delicately sweet wine that has a taste profile to please.

2012 Ousterhout Rosé “Wood’s Vineyard,” Russian River Valley, California ($25)
Family-owned Ousterhout, is a winery quietly making a name for itself. Being a pink wine lover, I’m always on the look out for rosé with character and this one is packed with layers of flavor, elegance and complexity. A whisper of floral aromas is wrapped with strawberry and citrus scents, which is followed with succulent fruit flavors. With only 225 cases made of this wine, it’s a treat to sip. Don’t miss the other pinks in the trio of Ousterhoust rosés. A winning trifecta.

2012 Rodney Strong “Symmetry” Meritage Red Wine, Alexander Valley, Sonoma County, California ($55)
If wine could win an Oscar, this would take home a statue. The name aptly describes the balance of the wine with the five Bordeaux varieties fitting together seamlessly to achieve wine greatness. Cabernet Sauvignon is the star with Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot playing supporting, but important roles. Grapes are grown on rolling hillsides in Sonoma County’s Alexander Valley. I have sampled young versions of this structured, intense wine and those aged for up to a decade. If you can hold on to the wine for a few years you will be rewarded with a velvety texture that deserves the accolades it’s received as one of California’s icon red blends.


Weekly Wine Picks | Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Chianti Classico

Wine-Picks-Season-1-Episode-1On the Season 10 premiere episode we showcased some amazing restaurants but as always we had fantastic wine to share with our new guests!

2013 Virage, Rosé, Napa Valley, California ($26)
Being a pink wine lover, I was impressed by the elegance and purity of this rosé. Its deep salmon hue is reminiscent of great rosés of southern France. Admiring the color, however, is only the beginning. Mineral aromas and underlying complexity make it a serious drink, but the mouthwatering, succulent flavors make it seriously fun to sip. Serve as an aperitif on Friday, alongside Sunday brunch, or simply with Tuesday take-out.

2012 Banfi Chianti Classico, Italy ($15)
Want a wine to enjoy with a variety of dishes from roast chicken to pizza, or grilled salmon or barbeque ribs? Then reach for this palate-refreshing red. Chianti Classico is a zone in the Chianti region of Tuscany and rarely can you find such an affordable version that still showcases the classic characteristics of Sangiovese. This red grape is married with Cabernet Sauvignon to produce a medium-bodied wine with vibrant acidity, juicy fruit notes and a swash of tannins, which offsets the richness of many foods.

2013 Groth Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley, California ($20)
A world-class Sauvignon Blanc that balances the citrusy crispness of the variety with the lush fruit notes that come from basking in the Napa sunshine. Groth — founded by Dennis and Judy Groth in 1982 — is one of Napa’s famed producers. Known for structured, age-worthy Cabernet, their Sauvignon Blanc is a wine to discover…and then drink regularly. This is one of my favorite California whites.